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David Lowry

Board Games, Role-Playing Games, Card Games and Books Reviewer


David Lowry


David Lowry was first attracted to the guitar at the young age of twelve. By the age of fifteen he had surpassed many teenagers’ wildest dreams as he performed regularly in bars as a part of various cover bands emulating rock icons such as Winger, Slaughter, Firehouse, Bone Angels, XYZ and Johnny Lang. During the early years of his career David also held the position of “guitar tech” for Shrapnel recording artist Todd Duane, David’s primary guitar instructor, as well as R&B Billboard chart toppers Mint Condition. Deftly skilled in all areas of music, from the technical to the creative, David has also worked with some of the Minneapolis Jazz legends on charting projects for the local jazz scene while developing a personal teaching curriculum for guitar theory. A graduate of Musicians Technical Training Institute in Minneapolis, MN in 1996, David has expanded his reach in the music industry to record music for HeadGames Publishing, now Activision Value on their best selling series of games for PC with Matt Fink (Dr. Fink) formerly of Prince and the Revolution.

David joined Difference United in 2006, a new creative outlet immediately launched a tour through the Eastern European country of Romania. Since then the band has toured the United States, China and India.

David has owned and operated Lowry Wealth Management and Servant Networking. David is a professional speaker who has taught in the Minneapolis, Duluth and Nashville areas about networking for professionals since 2001.

In response to an overwhelming number of Nashville-based musicians seeking his management, in 2008 David founded The Lowry Agency. The Lowry Agency is a full service artist management/development and promotions agency. David and his dedicated, passionate team, work with musicians, actors, speakers, voice over artists, entertainment companies, music coordination/supervision for film and TV as well as MMA promotions. They strive to help their clients identify and fulfill their clients’ entertainment and business goals. Today The Lowry Agency’s talent roster has included such stars as Damon Johnson, Brother Cane, Juno Award winning songwriter & Canadian Idol host Sass Jordan, TV personality Todd Newton, guitar virtuoso Rob Balducci and former Fozzy guitarist Mike Martin.

In 2010 David launched the popular blog talk radio show “Live From Music City.” The show won the “Shorty” award for best radio show on twitter in its very first year of operation. The show focuses on how to make it in the music business with both music business professionals and successful artists who share their music business experience. David has interviewed guests such as The Oak Ridge Boys, King’s X, Billy Ray Cyrus, The Guess Who, Richie Kotzen, Tommy Emannuael, CJ Snare, Jesse James Dupree, Andy Timmons, Sass Jordan, Foghat, Warrant, Damon Johnson, Gunnar Nelson, Little River Band, Rik Emmett, Neil Zazza and Ambrosia.

David has a popular blog on the entertainment business at which is also published on David is also a contributing writer for Metalholic Magazine. David also currently travels giving seminars on the music industry, social media and representing companies for their products.

2012 saw the launch of “Club Fantasci ( a Board Game and speculative fiction video book club founded and hosted by David Lowry.



Maurice Fitzgerald

Board Games, Kickstarter Games Reviewer


Maurice is a Jersey boy who moved to Texas more than a decade ago where he resides with his wife and two four legged kids, er um dogs in the Dallas area.

Gaming has always been a big part of his life. In the late 90’s and early millennium, Maurice was an editor for the old Xtreme Network covering video games for the now defunct Mplayer Network. Prior to that, he was a video game reviewer at where first person shooters, real-time strategy and armor simulations were his specialty, great fits for a United States Marine Corps veteran.

Along the way, he dabbled with some board and miniatures games but the bulk of his entertainment continued to be video games until Maurice found the mech heavy combat miniatures game CAV by Reaper Miniatures in the mid 2000’s and that quickly supplanted Battletech as his mech game of choice. After spending time as a Black Lightning demo team member for the CAV line, Maurice went on to co-author one of the games supplements, War For Sale before the line ended its run.

Known as either Maurice or Moe, you can find him lurking the halls of Board Game Geek, Google+ and Kickstarter always with an eye out for new games and interesting projects to review and back. Maurice loves solitaire games with a military or sci-fi theme and of course, zombies! He enjoys coop games with his wife because he likes to win together rather than getting beat by his casual gamer wife repeatedly. He’s even convinced her to play an occasional Pathfinder adventure along with board games at his local FLGS as often as he can.

When not playing board games, Maurice continues to be involved with his first gaming love of hockey, as a color commentator for a minor professional hockey team.