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About Board & Dice –
NSKN Games and Board & Dice – two publishers merged into one company under the Board & Dice banner in November 2018 – were brought together by a shared passion for making and playing tabletop games. Games are more than a business to all of us, as being true gamers had made all of us fall in love with modern board games long before NSKN (founded in 2011) and Board & Dice (founded in 2013) came to be. The excitement and wonder of exploring new games – and even the happiness of enjoying the unmistakable “new game smell” – have never left us, despite growing our diverse gaming portfolios over the years. This excitement and wonder, fresh ideas and different flavours of board gaming adventures are what we bring you with each of our designs. With almost four decades of publishing experience between the members of our team, we have been delivering high quality products crafted in our offices, eagerly supported by backers, and played on your tables since 2011.

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