Athens, Greece. February 11, 2016. Today Drawlab Entertainment is proud to announce the continuation of the successful board game accessories line Legendary Metal Coins, coming on Kickstarter on the 11th of February.
Legendary Metal Coins are premium metal coin accessories to be used in any game and the Kickstarter campaign will include 6 more new unique sets of coins. Each set has its own thematic approach, giving gamers worldwide the opportunity to choose what fits best for their games. For the first time, generic coins are also going to be offered in a better price to accompany any sort of game.

All backers will also have the opportunity to benefit from handmade cloth velvet pouches. With the designs of Michail KontrarosDrawlab Entertainment made the most massive metal coins ever made to accompany your favorite games.

For more information you can visit the Kickstarter Preview page of the game, Drawlab Entertainment’s facebook page or Twitter account.

About Drawlab Entertainment

Drawlab Entertainment develops and publishes board games since January 2014. Alongside publishing, the company also manufactures plastic components and highly-detailed miniatures since its founding, in 2012. Everything is developed and manufactured in-house providing fast and quality games and accessories for all gamers to enjoy.



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