6mm Sci-Fi Mass Combat Miniatures Game System Compatible with All 6mm Miniatures.

Polyversal 6mm Miniatures Game System

Polyversal 6mm Miniatures Game System

Earth, 2130: Light armored vehicles scout vacant city streets amid the rubble of buildings hiding infantry preparing for ambush. In the distance, sleek grav-tanks hurtle toward the city’s perimeter, dodging harassing fire from attack VTOLs and lumbering walkers awaiting their approach from the city’s edge. Missiles scream overhead. Explosions and gunfire echo between dark skyscrapers long abandoned, suddenly lit from incoming fire. Your men await your command.

As units take fire, the net fills with the din of battle. Your commanders need intel. Their reports take urgency as enemy fire finds its way home. Stress mounts. Morale degrades, mistakes are made, and wills are tested. You give the order to assault. But will your troops perform as expected? Can their equipment and your plan survive the enemy?

Polyversal Encegon Tank

Polyversal Encegon Tank

Polyversal is a 6mm tabletop miniatures game for two or more players designed by veteran gamer Ken Whitehurst and developed and published by Collins Epic Wargames. You are put in command of an army set in a plausible-future Earth intended for use with 1/300 scale (6mm) miniatures.

Polyversal models

Polyversal models

The game uses color-coded polyhedral dice (D4-D12) to reflect the combat qualities of your combatants, their weaponry, their attack ability, evasion, combat effectiveness, and more.

  • A single roll of three dice is used to resolve each attack without the need for multiple re-rolls to determine hits, saves, or damage effects.
  • Hexagonal Combatant Tiles physically arrange together to provide a visual command structure for each battlegroup you form around a central command unit.
  • With all of the vital information you need on each Combatant Tile, your eyes remain focused on the battlespace, not the rulebook.
  • A sleek initiative-based orders and activation system keeps players continually involved every turn.
Polyversal Buildings

Polyversal Scale Buildings

Polyversal is over 25% funded with 49 days remaining. There are multiple funding levels with some amazing add-ons, like the scale city buildings, to fit any budget and looks like one not to miss!

Find out more about Polyversal on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Polyversal


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