Happy New Year from the staff at Club Fantasci! We thank you for your continued support and look forward to bringing you more great industry news and reviews in 2016.

Published Game Scoring

After careful consideration and much discussion, we have changed the way we rate games that we review at Club Fantasci.  Moving forward, all published game reviews will be evaluated and scored based on the following criteria and corresponding weight:

Gameplay/Replayability: 60%

Components/Art: 20%

Rulebook: 20%

We feel that these weighted scores will provide a much clearer picture and a more concise scoring system for our readers. Published games that attain a score of 70% or 7 Gears will continue to receive the Club Fantasci Certified logo which signifies that it is a solid game that should reach a broad range of gamer types and provide a good gaming experience which is what we are all after in the first place.

Club Fantasci Certified

Club Fantasci Certified

Announcing the Golden Gear Award

New this year to Club Fantasci, games scoring 85% or 8.5 Gears and above will be further recognized with our Golden Gear Award.

Golden Gear Award

The Golden Gear Award will be given to games that we feel offer excellent entertainment value and and gaming experience for our readers. In addition to this, the Golden Gear Award will also be added to our Kickstarter reviews.

Kickstarter Reviews

Previously, our Kickstarter reviews have been graded the same as published games but that will no longer be the case. We’ve found that many Kickstarter games changed throughout the course of the project, with many of those changes coming after the game is reviewed and scored.

All Club Fantasci Kickstarter reviews will continue to include an overview of the gameplay with evaluations and opinion as normal, just minus any scoring.

However, for games that are in a state of play that is very close to final and show tremendous promise, the Golden Gear Kickstarter Award will be given. This signifies a game that we feel lands right in the ‘insta-back’ category and is definitely worth pledging for.

Golden Gear

Club Fantasci Golden Gear Kickstarter Award

We hope this helps our readers distinguish what we feel are great games in a time when there so many average games coming out at an extremely rapid pace. While the influx of games are great for the hobby, we want to give recognition to those designers and publishers that took the time to create games that go above and beyond the norm and create a unique, truly thematic gaming experience, a new challenge for board gamers, new mechanics that flow well and add to the game instead of detracting or maybe the most important of all which is to play a game that feels new and that you haven’t played it many times before with a different thematic skin.

Thank you for continued support of Club Fantasci, we couldn’t do this without you.

We’re looking forward to an exciting year of game reviews, articles, interviews and more in 2016!


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