Lead designer of Street Fighter HD Remix puts new twist on the collectible-card-game genre

EMERYVILLE, CA; February 2nd, 2016 Today, Sirlin Games began its Kickstarter for Codex: Card-Time Strategy, a brand new card game in the Fantasy Strike universe.

Borrowing heavily from core design elements in real-time strategy and deckbuilding games, Codex aims to make its mark on the CCG genre by being a customizable (not collectible!) card game. Unlike other competitive card games like Netrunner or Magic: The Gathering, Codex: Card-Time Strategy gives you everything in one box, with no booster packs, card rarities, frequent updates or releases. Purchasing a single Faction gives you all of that Factions available tools and options, giving you a fully-powered competitive deck that is easy to learn and difficult to master. Codex has been in development for over ten years by lead designer David Sirlin, creator of other competitive tabletop games Yomi, Puzzle Strike, Flash Duel and Pandante.

In Codex: Card-Time Strategy, players select a trio of Heroes (from a cast of twenty characters) and place all of the cards associated with those Heroes in a lightweight binder (called a Codex) for easy access. Each player begins the game with a small, simple deck of ten cards. At the end of each turn, players improve their decks by grabbing two cards from the Codex and placing them into their discard pile. The goal of the game is to be a few steps ahead of your opponent by figuring out their strategy and then drafting the counters to their options. Since each Codex contains 36 unique cards, each game played with the same Codex can differ wildly in the available strategies that exist, leading to rich and varied gameplay even after several matches between the same two players playing the same two decks.

The official Kickstarter page can be found here at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sirlin/codex

The Kickstarter currently features three different package options:

Starter Set: Renegades Neutral Faction- Simpler mechanics and fewer decisions make this is the best way to introduce yourself and a friend to Codex. 75 total cards (2 Heroes: “Troq Bashar” and “River Montoya”, 32 Neutral “Tech I, II and III” cards, 16 Spell cards, 2 Worker cards, 20 starting deck cards, 3 Dancer tokens) two small game boards and tracking chits for damage, runes and hero levels.

Core Set: Moss Sentinels and Blood Anarchs Factions- This enables the “tournament mode” of Codex; the 3 Hero vs. 3 Hero mode. The standard gameplay option, but can be combined with the Starter set for greater depth of play and more Hero diversity. 172 cards (6 Heroes: “Drakk Ramhorn”, “Jaina Stormborne”, “Captain Zane”, “Master Midori”, “Calamandra Moss”, “Argagarg Garg”, 96 Red and Green “Tech I, II, and III” cards, 48 Spell cards, 2 Worker cards, 20 starting deck cards), two large gameboards, two custom art Codex binders (one Green and one Red) and tracking chits for damage, runes and hero levels.

Deluxe Set: Everything above and more with stretch goals to follow! Currently the Deluxe set adds in the Flagstone Dominion (Blue) and Blackhand Scourge (Black) expansions, six exclusive map cards and enough space to hold everything.

More stretch goals include the final two factions (Vortoss Enclave and Whitestar Order), custom art binders for all six factions, token cards (for units that other cards summon, like Pirates, Frogs and Ninjas), and more.

Development for Codex: Card-Time Strategy is already complete; Kickstarter backers will be pledging for a game that is completely finished and ready to ship. David Sirlin has successfully shipped four Kickstarters on time or early (!!!) for his other Fantasy Strike games (Yomi, Puzzle Strike, Flash Duel and Pandante), and we expect the time frame for Codex: Card-Time Strategy to be no different.

About Sirlin Games

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Sirlin Games creates premium, designer games, specializing in asymmetric games—the kind where players control different characters, each with different abilities and personalities. Years of care go into these game designs to make sure they strike the right balance of depth and elegance and to make sure the characters are balanced against each other.

General Information about Codex: Card-Time Strategy

Official Title: Codex: Card-Time Strategy

Publisher: Sirlin Games

Designer: David Sirlin

Players: 2-5

Ages: 13+

Playing Time: 30-60 minutes

Genre: Customizable Card Game (not collectible)

Theme: Fantasy/Sci-Fi


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