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2016 Ferbruary 2nd – Madrid, Spain – Koti Games just launched on Kickstarter their game, Battle Arena Show. The game recreates the experience with the  MOBA games such as League of Legends, DOTA or Heroes of the Storm and moves it into the board in an effective manner.

A Spartan general charging against an outlaw half man-half machine?  A sorceress, the daughter of dragons, blazing up through plasma shots? The werewolf hunter surrounded by the tentacles of the unborn?  You  don´t believe it? Come on in, come on in, the show has only just begun…

Battle Arena Show

Battle Arena Show Components

Battle Arena ShowIn a dystopian future, the most famous heroes of all times are forced into participating in a macabre television show where they will be pitted against each other in a bloody combat arena. Only the heroes that demonstrate courage, power and astuteness may free themselves and win the coveted title of Battle Arena Master.

Battle Arena Show is a team game for up to 2-6 players who will compete with each other in order to destroy the hordes and enemy bases. Players will take on the role of various heroes with unique abilities and attributes and must equip themselves with different objects and evolve as the game progresses in order to beat the opponent and destroy his base.

Koti Games reveals that its first Stretch Goal will be a new map that will include a coop mode where one or more players must face hordes of different enemies trying to destroy the ally core.

About Koti Games

Koti Games is a company created by four professionals from the video game industry, each with 8 to 10 years of experience, that are united by their love of board games. The video game industry has given them the necessary skills in game design, illustration, modeling, balancing and testing, that they needed to carry out this project. After 3 years of work and countless (but satisfying!) testing afternoons, their promising game, Battle Arena Show, is ready to be produced!


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