From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.

Karmaka is a tactical card game set in a karmic universe. Players begin the game as lowly Dung Beetles. In life after life (hand after hand of cards) they climb their way up the Karmic Ladder, racing to see who will achieve Transcendence first.

Karmaka Cards

During each of your lives you’ll be working towards 3 ends:

  • Scoreenough points to climb the Ladder and keep up with your rivals.
  • Stash a good selection of cards to your “Future Life”. This will become your opening hand next life.
  • Play cards for their abilities to help yourself or to hinder others. But what goes around comes around. A key tension in Karmaka is that after playing a card for its ability, a rival may take the card into their Future Life. Your actions may come back to haunt you in the next life..

Karmaka Components

Here is how Karmaka fits in with other deck builders.

  • Karmic Balance: A key mechanic is, whenever you play a card for its ability, your rival(s) get a chance to take the card into their Future Life. What goes around comes around!
  • Drafting a Future Life:A unique aspect of Karmaka is how it feels like card-drafting in parallel with play. Your opening hand and deck may be random, but you explicitly choose which cards go into your Future Life. Cards do not automatically cycle, unlike in deck-building games.
  • Hand Management:Karmaka is filled with interesting choices. There’s the tension in how to group your card colors, as well as how to play each card – for points or for its ability. You’ll want to consider card synergies and which cards you want this life versus the next. And you’ll need to consider what’s going into your rivals’ Futures!

Karmaka has already nearly tripled its funding goal and still has 24 days to go. Multiple stretch goals have been unlocked that will greatly enhance the game with more are still to come as funding levels increase.


Find out more about Karmaka on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Karmaka


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