Fireside Games is excited to announce the release of a second edition to their popular dice game, Bears!
on March 2nd. Bears! was originally released in 2011. The second edition features updated packaging to
show off the 40 custom dice.

Bears! takes approximately 20 minutes to play. Each box supports 2 to 4 players ages 7 and up and retails
for $19.95. Multiple copies of the game can be combined to accommodate larger groups.
In 2015, Fireside Games released an expansion to Bears!, Bears!: Trail Mix’d, which adds 6 new rules to
the gameplay and a whole new way to mix things up.

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Fireside Games was formed in 2007 by Austin, Texas, residents Justin and Anne-Marie De Witt and is
committed to helping you bring fun home by offering innovative games that provide unique gaming
experiences and by constantly expanding our product line through variations, expansions, and all new games.
Previously published games are Castle Panic (2009), Bears! (2011), The Wizard’s Tower (2011), Dead Panic
(2013), Munchkin Panic (2014), The Dark Titan (2015), Bears!: Trail Mix’d (2015), and The Village Crone
If you are interested in interviews regarding the company, please contact Anne-Marie at (512) 297-7057 to
schedule an interview. For more information, visit

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