Olathe, KS — January 21, 2016. BoardGameTables.com is expanding its line to include four
new models of gaming tables to better accommodate a wider variety of gamers. Adding to
its 3’ x 5’ Rectangle Table and its 51” Hexagon Table, BoardGameTables.com will now be

Board Game Tables
● 3’ x 6’ Long Rectangle Table , for board gamers who want a table that seats eight
● 3’ x 3’ Square Table , for smaller games or smaller spaces
● 4’ x 6’ Terrain Table , for miniatures games
● 2’ x 3.5’ Coffee Table , because sometimes people like to game from their couch

All the new designs are available for purchase directly at BoardGameTables.com . The
Coffee Table starts at $799. The Square, Long Rectangle, and Terrain Table start at $1399,
$1999, and $2499 respectively. The original Rectangle and Hexagon are available for $1599.
Board Game Tables
“Since the day we started selling tables, we’ve had requests for customizations,” said
company president Chad DeShon. “These new options are the embodiment of those
requests. The original models got glowing reviews. These new styles will allow gamers to
use our tables for a wider variety of games and in a wider variety of spaces.”
Tables from BoardGameTables.com all feature an inset playing area with a speed cloth
surface. They can also come with cup holders, drawers, and toppers that turn the table into
a dining table. Today, the company is also launching a few new add-ons: an acrylic sheet
that fits into the inset playing area, wing shelves, card holders, and height options.

Board Game Tables
BoardGameTables.com started selling gaming tables in January 2015. It focuses on
providing high quality tables that are designed for playing board games. All the tables are
built to order in the USA, by hand, from quality hardwoods. They’re made to last and provide
a look that anyone can be proud to have in their home.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoardGameTablesDotCom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BGTables

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