Work together in this cooperative game to keep the passengers safe, maintain steam pressure, and deliver the Dirigible to port safely.

Dirigible Disaster is a cooperative board game in which 2-5 players work together to keep an airship, The Dirigible, in the air for its entire 10 minute maiden voyage. This is accomplished by repairing or dealing with various issues that occur on the ship as the game progresses, such as steam leaks, fires, and broken cogs.

The game consists of 10 rounds that each last for one real-time minute. Before each minute begins, a set of problems arise on the board and it is up to the players to work together to handle as many of the problems as possible during each one-minute round. At the end of the ten rounds, the players win the game only if they were able to avoid meeting any of the failure criteria and keep the Dirigible afloat for its entire voyage.

Dirigible Disaster Components

Dirigible Disaster is just shy of its modest $8,400 funding goal and has 25 days to go. A couple of stretch goals have already been revealed with more to come as funding levels increase.

Find out more about Dirigible Disaster on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Dirigible Disaster


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