Biergarten: a light card‐laying game of Bavarian traditions


St. Louis, Mo. – January 12, 2016. New startup Steamboat Gothic Studio is re‐launching the KickstarterStea
for their first project, Biergarten , which will run from January 12th through February 9th. Biergarten is a
light card‐laying game full of Bavarian tradition, designed as a quick game for a relaxing afternoon with
friends. The game features 64 individually designed cards with Alpine‐inspired architecture and décor.
In Biergarten, players compete as up‐and‐coming restaurant owners expanding their outdoor patios, or
biergartens. Each card features either one or two colors as well as a wall segment on one, two, or three
sides. Players earn points for each color match that they make, and a match between each of the four
colors earns a bonus of three points. Watch out for walls, though ‐‐ they block the flow of the garden,
and color matches can’t be made through them. However, if players can entirely enclose their
biergarten within one continuous wall, they will earn a six point bonus. The first player to fifteen points
triggers the victory round, with each player thereafter getting one additional turn to try and top the
winning point value.

Biergarten is for 2‐4 players, ages 12 and up, and takes about 15‐20 minutes to play. Each copy includes
58 common cards, 8 home cards, 5 rule cards, 4 player tokens, and 1 scoreboard. The Kickstarter
campaign will feature the game for $15, with higher pledge levels allowing players to immortalize
themselves in the art of the game.

The last days of summer are upon us, but the air is warm, the leaves have only just started to turn, and
the biergartens are bursting with music and laughter. Come! Lay out your tables; open your taps. Your
guests await!

About Steamboat Gothic Studio, LLC:
Husband‐and‐wife team Andrew and Lauren Sallwasser formed Steamboat Gothic Studio to provide
games that are easy to learn, quick to play, and dripping with theme. Biergarten came to life a little over
a year ago, when artist and designer Andrew wanted a game that was both strategic and quick to play
with his wife. Sbiergartenhe has been beating him at it ever since.

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