The Next Frontier in Tiny Epic Games!

Double Down and Duel your way through an ever changing Boomtown

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Tiny Epic Western, delivers players an immersive real Wild West gameplay experience through exciting hands of 3 card poker, dueling with custom bullet dice, acquiring nostalgic buildings, and staking your claim in the industries of the Wild West.

Tiny Epic Western

This game features a Wagon Wheel game setup that
brings the Wild West right to your table. Double down in this boom-town that ain’t big enough for everyone, where, pistols come before politeness

Tiny Epic WesternTiny Epic WesternTiny Epic WesternTiny Epic Western

Tiny Epic Western is the follow up to the smash hit Tiny Epic Galaxies. It is design by Scott Almes and is being published by Gamelyn Games. It is currently funding on KICKSTARTER


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