Leviathan is a continent on the world of Atuannu and is home to mythic races from Earth’s antediluvian past.

Distant Realms is a gazetteer for the continent of Leviathan on the world of Atuannu. Originally populated by Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and Cats, the races of Leviathan discovered ancient Man on Earth via a network of portals.

Distant Realms

A war between the embodiments of death (Tua) and life (Annu) brought annihilation to Earth leading to the Great Flood. They saved what humans they could but millennia later the Elves at least regret saving them. All that remains of the Leviathan races on Earth are half forgotten tales of dwarves, halflings, elves, and the fey.

Distant Realms

Leviathan is a land of feudal kingdoms, tribal plains, forgotten temples, and lost cities. It is a land primarily of Men, but also of secretive Dwarves, a tyrannical Elven empire, wandering Cats, and ocassionally, a lost visitor from modern day Earth. Want to bring your U.S. Marine squad up against Orcs on the slopes of the White Mountains? Elven Archers hiding out on the streets of East London? You got it.

Distant Realms

Distant Realms is nearing the halfway point of funding and has 26 days to go, stretch goals met will enhance the quality of the book with the addition of full color, better illustrations and more realms!

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