Lone Shark Games’ epic card game of exploration and skill, set in Monte Cook Games’ Numenera universe.

In the Ninth World, adventurers explore a mindbending landscape of bizarre creatures and unfathomable technology. This world enriched a line of fiction, many supplements, and an upcoming digital game called Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Ninth World

The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera is one part deckbuilder, one part Eurogame, and one part RPG building a competitive card game for 2 to 5 players.

It is set in the Numenera universe, where heroes explore the nine kingdoms of The Steadfast, each a very different place to adventure. Discover strange relics of the past, trying to discern which are powerful cyphers and which are just weird oddities. Fight creatures of all shapes, sizes, and limb arrangements. Venture outside of the Steadfast into The Beyond, a wild and remote realm and there are even places beyond The Beyond, awaiting your discovery.

Ninth World

Ninth World Map

The base game contains:

  • character tableaus(2 nanos, 2 glaives, 2 jacks)
  • 45 region cards(5 each in 9 kingdoms)
  • 36 town cards
  • 54 wilderness cards
  • 115 skill cards
  • 15 wound cards
  • gamebook
  • dice
  • turn marker
  • 50 player markers
  • scoring markers
  • monolithtoken

The game is nearly funded with 25 days left in the project with stretch goals that expand the world, opening up more locations for you to adventure in and explore.

Find out more about The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera


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