(Flint, Michigan) – Green Couch Games is cooking up a hot new release with Wok on Fire!


Show off your spatula skills and prove that you have what it takes to become the master of stir-fry! You must win the hearts of your customers by creating the best dishes possible before the ingredients run out. Sound too spicy? You’d better get used to the heat because it’s time to Wok on Fire!


Wok on Fire is a silly mix dexterity and set collection. In the course of the game players use a spatula card to flip ingredients in a central pile (the Wok), choose ingredients to create a variety of combinations, and “chop” more ingredients into the wok. The game ends when the ingredient deck runs out and the player who created the most valuable combinations win the game! The game plays in about 20 minutes and provides an experience that engages families and gamers. For those looking for a quirky filler that is easy-to-learn and requires clever spatula-use without making a mess in the kitchen, look no further!


The game is made up of 58 cards including 4 smiling spatulas, 4 reference cards, and 50 ingredients that are far too cute to eat. The illustrations were provided by the designer, Poki Chen with graphic design by the talented Adam P. McIver for his design studio THE CRE8TIVE DEPT.


Wok on Fire is a game for 2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up and is designed by Poki Chen of the Taiwan Board Game Design Group. Chen self-published a short run of the game for the 2015 Tokyo Game Market and Green Couch Games is proud to have obtained the English language rights for the game.


Publisher, Jason Kotarski said “I first had the chance to play this game when Eric Martin from Board Game News was showing off some of the spoils from his trip to Japan at Origins this year. As soon as the game hit the table, I fell in love and knew it would be the perfect fit for Green Couch Games. It’s portable, it’s clever, it has a super fun theme and really cute artwork. I’m stoked to be able to bring the game to a wider audience.” The game is set for a  Kickstarter campaign in early 2016 with a Q2 2016 release.


Green Couch Games was founded by Jason Kotarski to release great little games that make great big connections. Wok on Fire will be there 5th release following Fidelitas, Best Treehouse Ever, JurassAttack!, and Avalanche at Yeti Mountain. Jason is also a game designer and co-host of 20 Minutes of Filler, a Dice Tower Network podcast.


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