Dark fantasy co-op board game with miniatures for 1-6 players. Lead your motley band against a sinister cult at the edge of survival.

Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift is a cooperative board game of card-driven tactical combat for one to six players. Take the role of a hero with unique abilities and stop the Cult of the Insectoid God from unleashing their demon upon the surface world once again.

Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift is a dark-and-brooding fantasy dungeon crawler by Timo Multamäki, Thomas Klausner and Kevin Wilson that embraces the European school of game design, with clever and elegant mechanics which minimize luck and emphasize strategy.

Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift Components

The game is nearly 50% funded with 25 days left and some interesting stretch goals to unlock.

Find out more about Perditions Mouth on their Kickstarter Page.

Kickstarter: Perditions Mouth


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