Long Ago, before Ares betrayed Calliope and imprisoned her, the Pegasus—strong and witty but full of love and devotion—had narrowly avoided being enslaved by the war-god himself, to be used as a flying warhorse in battle. When the Pegasus learned of Calliope’s capture, he knew that he could never let someone so important sit for all eternity in a cage. Realizing his superior strength, but looking to avoid violence, he cleverly concocted a game of dice and cards that balanced wits and luck. He confronted the muse’s guards and challenged them to Roll For It! The prize at stake? The magical key that would open Calliope’s cell. Using all of his strategy, skill, and just a bit of luck, the Pegasus completed the 15-pointer he needed to win the key—and with it, Calliope’s freedom as well! – Calliope Games

Publisher: Calliope Games

Game Designer: Chris Leder

Artwork: Lazarus Chernik

Players: 2 – 8 Players

Ages: 8+

Playing Time: 20 – 40 Minutes

Game Mechanics: Dice Rolling

Contents: Rule book, 2 Deck of Cards (1 Gold, 1 Silver), 48 dice ( 6 dice in 8 colors)

Suggested Retail Price: $38.00

Parental Advisory: Safe for kids

Awards: N/A

Roll For It! Deluxe Edition

Roll For It! Deluxe Edition Components

Summary of Content

Roll For It! Deluxe Edition is one of several games designed by Chris Leder and his first for Calliope Games. Roll for It! Deluxe Edition is a quick, easy game of dice rolling where players match their dice to the cards in play there by capturing it to score points and the first to 40 points wins.

Roll For It! Deluxe Edition

Different Point Value Cards

There isn’t a lot of rules to this game to have to worry about learning. It’s really very simple. Each player rolls their dice, tries to match dice to a card in play, commits their dice to a card and hopefully matches all the dice spots on the card with their dice rolls before anyone else does to capture it and score the points. Each player rolls all their dice, not committed already to a card and chooses which card to commit  any of the dice to if any. Players may commit to more than one card, but that can be dangerous as each player needs enough dice to complete a card to capture it. Once a card is captured,  players get their dice back, a new card is flipped over and players go at it again. Each player gets one roll and then it passes to the next player and so on till cards are captured. A player may before rolling on their turn completely remove all dice currently committed to cards and start over. Dice cannot be moved from card to card. It’s just that simple.

Roll For it! Deluxe Edition

Colored Dice

Analysis and Evaluation

To be honest, when this game was first sent to me, I wasn’t really expecting much other than just another dice game. The game was attractive and well made, but it was a push-your-luck game. Rolling dice as the main mechanic usually doesn’t equate to a game with depth. Much to my surprise, Roll For It! Deluxe Edition went way past my expectations. Obviously, some of the immediate benefits are very easy set-up, easy to learn, quick to play within minutes out of the box. What wasn’t so obvious was the amount of game play and that extra bit of strategy that was included in this dice game.

Roll For It! Deluxe Edition

Dice Bag

Roll For It! Deluxe has yet to be a disappointment for anyone at my gaming table and even those don’t love games loved this game. They want to play it again immediately after finishing especially the younger ones. This was quite a surprise to me to be honest as very rarely do we come across a game that has to be played again immediately. It does help that the game is on the shorter side time wise for sure.

Roll For It! Deluxe Edition Tin Box

Roll For It! Deluxe Edition Tin Box

There really isn’t that much to this game. There are some decisions to be made as far as does a player commit to more than once card or run the risk of over committing. Is it worth pulling all your dice and starting over? What are the chances of getting that card before another player? The push your luck aspect of this game really shines here so if you are not into that, then this game is not for you.

Roll For It! Deluxe Edition

Box Insert

Do the amount of cards that you have in the game, the amount of different possible players and just the randomness of the dice rolling the game has a very high replay value. Every game will be different and shouldn’t ever start to feel old. It will certainly draw the attention of non-gamers and is a great way to introduce them into this exciting hobby of board gaming.

The Deluxe version of Roll For It! is very, very nice. The dice are pretty, the card art is well done and very attractive. The dice bag is top quality and nicer than any bag I have received in any other game. The tin case is always a problem storage wise but it certainly looks nice. It is hard to get all the cards and dice back in the tin and have it close securely though.


Roll for It! Deluxe Edition was a surprise hit for our gamers. It is a very simple to understand, quick to play and fun game that is fast and furious! It is a great game to take for any gaming event or even to travel with. It plays a bit better with more people as, the more the merrier with most games like this especially for the social aspect but it still plays well with 2 players. This is a great buy for any gamer of any level. It’s a must have on the Club Fantasci list!


Club Fantasci Scoring (Based on scale of 10):

Artwork: 8

Rules Book: 8

Re-playability: 9

Component Quality: 9

Club Fantasci Overall Score: 8.5

I am giving Roll For It! Deluxe Edition 8.5 out 10 stars because it delivers on all basic levels of gaming. It’s fast, fun and super easy to learn and teach others. It provides good gaming tension and the aesthetics only enhance the gaming experience.

This game is Club Fantasci Certified!

Club Fantasci Certified

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