A cinematic, flexible and accessible RPG that uses cards in place of a character sheet. Set in a cyberpunk metropolis, Neon City.

Neon Sanctum

Neon Sanctum is a card based RPG set in a unique world where the post apocalypse and cyberpunk collide. This world takes inspiration from films such as Blade Runner, Dredd and Ghost in the Shell as well as games such as videogames such as Shadowrun Returns and The Last of Us.

Cards are used to represent all the things players would expect in a traditional roleplaying game (RPG). A character’s skills, their cybernetic implants, their equipment and even the enemies they meet are all brought to life with beautiful cards.

The game has been available in playtest form since July of 2014 and we know that over 500 people have downloaded and tried the game. We have also visited conventions and received feedback from all over the world.

Neon Sanctum

Core Ideas

  • Simple Rules – The basic mechanic in the game is just 2D10 vs a target number set by the DM. Playing cards (or not) adds a modifier to these rolls.
  • Flexible – The simple mechanics are flexible, allowing players to try outrageous moves and the DM to let them do it. Having a deck of NPC’s at hand enables the DM to respond quickly when players take the story somewhere unexpected.
  • Resource Management – An important mechanic of the game involves the player placing skill cards into cooldown at certain times. This adds an extra level of strategy as characters have to choose if it’s the best time to use a card.
  • Accessible – The use of cards makes the game really easy to grasp for new players. Anyone can look at a set of cards and understand them just bythe artwork and names.
    Depth – While the game is easy to learn, veteran players can dig deeper crafting devastating combos.
  •  Beautiful – Putting the artwork on the cards means that the world of Neon Sanctum is at your fingertips, not stuck in a book.

Neon Sanctum



Neon Sanctum

The fallout from the war between humans and the A.I. was devastating, but from the rubble rose the slums and skyscrapers of Neon City. A metropolitan marvel that echoes the human cities of old, while surrounded by the beasts, mutants and bandits of the overgrown wastes. Without a government to control the people, corporations stepped in to claim power. In Neon City you either sign a corporate contract, join a gang, or you’re on your own.

In Neon Sanctum you take on the role of a citizen of this reset world. Hackers control the city around them like wizards, taking control of drones, alarms and CCTV cameras; adventurers probe the ruins of the old world for high-tech artefacts, while CEOs commanding armies of corporate slaves wield real power and decide the fate of millions.

Neon Sanctum provides DMs with the choice of setting the game in a cyberpunk metropolis or danger infested wastelands. Both areas offer exciting yet different themes and gaming styles. Will you run your players through the mutant and bandit-infested old world ruins, or deal with the much more deadly intrigue offered by corporate politics?

Neon Sanctum


Neon Sanctum

In Neon Sanctum characters are represented by a hand of cards rather than a character sheet. Cards are used to represent everything in the game; race, skills, items and monsters each have their own cards, with beautiful art and easy to understand rules.

When resolving actions the system uses a simple 2D10 plus modifier system. The cards the player decides to play influence the modifiers on the dice rolls. For a more in depth look at the game check out the videos below.

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