2015 has barely begun and we are already awash with some amazing KickStarter projects. Maurice Fitzgerald recently reviewed The 5th Land by Golden Ratio Games (currently undergoing a rework of the campaign, but expect it to be back soon), then there is the campaign for Conan the board game which smashed its funding target within 6 minutes, and of course there is the small (not so small) matter of Exploding Kittens. Well soon there will be a new kid on the block – Trickerion: Legends of Illusion.

The is the brain child of Richard Amann and Viktor Peter. It has been three years in the making and gone through a number of iteration before becoming the stunning game you see in the pictures. I was lucky enough (and I mean lucky) to be given a prototype of the game to play and review (coming soon) and while I had seen the game in Essen, I was still amazed at the sheer size of it when it landed on my doorstep. This game is big in every sense of the word… don’t take my word for it, check out the pictures below! There is still some rules finalising to take place and some art work that needs creating, but for all intents and purposes what I saw was the finished article.

Whats in the Box (1)

The game places each player in the role of a magician trying to gain fame and fortune and claim the legendary Trickerion Stone. This is achieved by tasking your workers with researching new tricks, buying components and preparing tricks for you, the magician, to perform at one of the theatres. The game plays 2-4 players and runs at approximately 30-45 mins per player (the latter being most likely on the first play).

Market RowDowntown

TheaterDark Alley

The game is quite complex to start, but flows relatively well and for a game this size is quite easy to pick up. The artwork by Villő Farkas is simply beautiful and really helps bring the theme to life. The components too, while being a prototype, are all of a high quality which can only bode well for the final version of the game.

Additionally, the rules are structured so that in the first game or two you can opt to play without certain elements of the game, allowing you to become familiar with the core game mechanisms before playing the full game proper; fear not, this is in no way dumbing the game down as there is still plenty going on for players’ to wrap their heads around.

The KickStarter is set to commence toward the end of January and you can find out more about it and follow the development by visiting the Trickerion Facebook page or visiting the the web page

A full review of the game will be available shortly, please watch this space!

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