Space Movers 2201

Space Movers 2201 Box Top


A cooperative sci-fi board game for 2-7 players. Features an innovative way of rolling dice and a comic book that begins the adventure.

Are you ready to go on an adventure?

Space Movers is a cooperative board game with the same look and feel as the fun science fiction movies and television of yesteryear. Classics like Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, and Battlestar Galactica were our inspiration. That inspiration mixed with innovative game mechanics gives Space Movers a ground breaking yet comfortable feel. Most importantly, Space Movers is firmly rooted in story, fun and adventure.

During the game you take on the role of one of the crew members on board the space ship Liberty. Your job as a “Mover” is to jump from planet to planet in the system picking up and delivering cargo. As you deliver cargo, you are rewarded with resources that are needed to keep the Liberty flying. But the journey will not be easy. As with any great adventure, many challenges will pop up along the way to keep you on your toes.

In Space Movers you will work together with your fellow players like never before to meet these challenges.

Finding Liberty is a 14 page comic that sets the tone for Space Movers. Finding Liberty tells the story of how and why these characters came together to form the crew of the Liberty and the circumstances that sent them on the adventure of their lives.

Space Movers 2201

Finding Liberty Comic Book


To win the game, you need to complete a set of five Objective Cards. These cards directly continue the story that begins in the included comic book Finding Liberty. New objective card sets and comics via stretch goals, mini expansions and future full expansions will always keep the story going and the game fresh and new.

Space Movers 2201

Space Movers 2201 Objective Cards



Space Movers handles dice-rolling to complete objectives in a whole new way. Rolls take place inside the game box on a specially designed roll board. Dice are rolled one at a time so you have the unique opportunity to strike previous dice rolled. You must use good aim as you attempt to hit other dice to move them or even change the result of the previous rolls.

This fun new way of dice-rolling brings skill and strategy to every game of Space Movers!

Space Movers 2201

Space Movers 2201 Components


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