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Would you like to win Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster + The Otherside of Hollywood add-on from Hobbyworld Games And Club Fantasci?

Hollywood:Make Your Own Blockbuster

Hollywood: Make Your On Blockbuster

Well now you can! Just head over to the home page of and enter to win. The contest runs from September 15th – September 19th.

Hollywood:Make Your Own Blockbuster

Hollywood Box & Components

This prize will be mailed out once fulfillment of the Kickstarter has been achieved.

Hollywood:Make Your Own Blockbuster

Hollywood Board & Components

A fun and easy to learn movie-making game.

Hollywood:Make Your Own Blockbuster

Hollywood Staff

In the movie-making board game Hollywood, each player is a boss of a major film studio. The players’ goal is to shoot the most successful blockbuster movie that will outperform everybody else’s at the box office and receive the Film of the Tear award. A movie is represented as a set of cards that includes a Script, a Director, an actor, an Actress and other Film Crew members.

Hollywood:Make Your Own Blockbuster

Hollywood Studios

The main target is to collect the cards that will ensure the greatest success at the box office for their movie. Over a single production year, a player can make between one and three movies. When the third production year is over, the game is over too, and the richest player wins.

Hollywood:Make Your Own Blockbuster

Hollywood Cards


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