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You know that situation, the one where you are and your acquaintance friend and your significant others get together finally for dinner after months of saying “yeah, we should do that!” But what do you do to break the ice? How do you get to know each other and get rid of the awkwardness. I hate that feeling. You certainly don’t want to just sit there about talk about work or all about yourself and you know at least one of you is very introverted and won’t just contribute to the conversation. That is when you break out Knee Jerk! The perfect solution to awkward situations so you can move on the a fun evening with people you want to get to know better.

Publisher: Knapsack Games

Game Designer: Andrew Federspiel

Artwork: Mark Major

Players: 4 – 8

Ages: 9 To Adult

Playing Time: 10 Min

Contents: 55 Cards, 1 Rule Sheet

Suggested Retail Price: Coming To Kickstarter September 16th, 2014

Parental Advisory: Safe For Kids

Awards: N/A

Knee Jerk

Knapsack Games founder Andrew Federspiel has designed a quick, action packed party game called Knee Jerk. It’s a party game of instant reactions! In this fast 10 second action round card game, players compete to be the first to give their “Knee Jerk” reaction to the cards already laid out on the table. The host announces the random situation, the players rapidly shout out answers to put together the most valid funny ending to the card situation and which ever players does this first wins the point. In the case of a tie, the host picks the winner.

Knee Jerk

You have to be quick thinking and have fast hands as all players are playing simultaneously! What does this mean? It means that is zero down time in the game keeping all the players engaged in creating best situations possible. That leads to loads of fun, laughs and allows for many games to be played in a single sitting as the pace is fast and furious.

Knee Jerk


For the serious gamers out there. How many times have you been sitting at a game night waiting for someone to arrive and you have to kill 10-15 minutes? How many games do you own to fill that gap? It’s hard to find a game that short. Here is a perfect fit for that situation.

There are more that 155,000 possible scenarios that lend to an obvious amount of re-playability and making Knee Jerk a great game for almost any situation.

What do you get in the box? 55 colorful, vibrant and easy to read cards that are very well made. This should allow them to last a long time even without sleeving them and don’t slide all over the place. This makes for very easy game play for this lightning fast card game. If you are into social games, social events and need an option to help give an entertaining evening then consider Knee Jerk as an option to fill that need.

Make sure and keep your eyes for the Kickstarter launch. If you have any questions please contact Andrew Federspiel at any of the social networks listed below.


Kickstarter Launch Date: September 16th, 2014


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Note: This is a paid preview of Knee Jerk.


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