Trail of Cthulhu

Trail of Cthulhu by Pelgrane Press


Where Jack Brady Is Finally Met


—- March 4th As the investigators run from the sounds of Dr. Addams’s screams of what are chasing them, they burst out into the courtyard. They see two sets of guards, one patrolling in front of the mansion and another set arguing with prostitutes at the front gate. They abandon their original plan of flushing out with the refuse, but instead flee towards the gate. Bullets fly pass David Whittaker who had no shame in fleeing from that which he doesn’t understand. Phillip Gibbs got grazed by a couple of bullets. Neither Dr. Addams nor Jacques Tabarin Dupond who was carrying the unconscious Mei-Ling were able to run fast enough. Monsieur Dupond was scratched and bitten from behind, but knew better than to look at what was behind him. Dr. Addams screamed in horror as the tentacles phased through him tickling his inner organs. The only thing that saved him from becoming a drooling broken man was the brandishing of his sword cane, which gave him just enough resolve to run away, but not before he was bloodied and had the skin ripped off his back. The guards next to the gate see the Ultraviolet Devourers coming after the investigators and only barely hold on to their sanity. After dropping their weapons, they were able to keep their wits to swing punches at Mr. Gibbs who they just grazed and Mr. Whittaker who they clocked behind the head almost knocking him out. As they struggled to get out the gate, Monsieur Dupond comes running full speed at the gate kicking it open with all the strength he had left. As they scrambled to the streets, Mr. Whittaker looked around to see if they were still being chased. He sees the tentacle flying fish like creatures and sees them shirk from the street light lamps, though the realization of the horror causes much mental strain. They saw a car in the street that blinked once. Recognizing the man inside, they piled the unconscious and weary and drove off.

The man in the car was in fact Jack Brady. “I owe you a big debt for saving the life of Mei-Ling, but I can’t fathom the horrors she put up with.” Monsieur Dupond talked the most in the car with him as they drove to the Shanghai Museum. There was much to talk about and not much time to do it. Mr. Brady was very clear that this would be the only time they ever meet. It was too dangerous to do it again, for everyone’s sake. He talked about Roger Carlyle’s Negro girlfriend was the one that introduced him to the knowledge of this dark god who manifests into many forms and into many names. It was her that spurned him to organize the expedition to Egypt where they intentionally uncovered something that was best kept underground. Mr. Brady knew then that he had to get Roger Carlyle away from this. He was mad and had to be drugged. He got him smuggled from Mombasa and intended to go to Shanghai. Mr. Carlyle had lost too much sanity and was committed to a sanitarium in Hong Kong. From the rest of the expedition went to Kenya where all the expedition was sacrificed to this dark god, except, he suspected Penhew, Huston, and Patty Masters. He knew for certain when he saw silhouetted by moonlight a pale, but unmistaken Audrey Penhew aboard Ho Fong’s Yacht.
Once they got to the Shanghai Museum the investigators met up with Dr. Mu Hsien whom they had met a few days before. In the early hours of the morning, they talked about the interconnection of all these cults, all dedicated to one aspect of this dark god. All the signs suggest that something horrible is going to happen on January 21st, 1926. Though no astronomers appear to have link to this date, every cultist that Brady has talked to knows that this is the day the dark god will come back to this world. Dr. Mu has only had time to translate part of the 5th scroll of the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan, but that was the most important. This copy of the scroll has both origins of the Order of the Bloated Woman and how to bring her to this world to rule, but also how to stop her. There is a ritual called The Eye of Light and Darkness that is capable of sealing gates to other worlds, the worlds where Nyarlathotep resides. David Whittaker then suggested that they go to house of Isoge Taro to ask for assistance of getting out of Shanghai quickly and without pursuit. Under the cover of the Japanese military they were taken to a ship that took them to Tokyo. From Tokyo they took another ship to Eastern Russia and from there trains to Moscow and eventually to London. After almost a month of travel, they arrived in London on April 1st. For better or worse, Jacques Tabarin Dupond read the entirety of the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan and gained a greater glimpse of the evil that they are trying to stop. Dr. Norman Addams teeters on insanity, but has forced himself to hold it together for at least one more adventure. Phillip Gibbs arrives in London with his stash of opium depleted. He can’t handle what he has seen without it. – Jeromy French

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