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In our second installment of our new “Women In Board Games” Series, we are blessed to interview Agnieszka Kopera of NSKN Games. Agnieszka Kopera is a bright young star in the board gaming industry with amazing insight, work ethic and great advice! Get to know her and her games here!


Agnieszka Kopera

Agnieszka Kopera – NSKN Games


Agnieszka Kopera is the warriors girl, the driving force behind the image of NSKN Games. She is responsible for our image in the world, from board games, to gaming conventions, promos, interviews, contests and anything else you can imagine. An engineering graduate, she combines her technical thinking with a lot of creativity. She is also a game designer and very much one of a kind in this industry and the best example is Agnieszka’s Exodus: Proxima Centauri, an epic empire building game. – NSKN Games


Games Designed: Exodus: Proxima Centauri, Progress: Evolution of Technology, Wild Fun West,

Other collaborations: Praetor


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