Valiant Universe Quick Start Rules

Publisher:  Catalyst Game Labs

Game Designer:  Matt Heerdt, Randall N. Bills

Artwork: Tom Raney

Players: Unlimited

Ages:  12 to adult

Playing Time:  3 hours or more

Game Mechanics:  Role playing, dice rolling, story telling

Contents:  PDF guide

Suggested Retail Price:  N/A

Parental Advisory:  Superhero violence

Awards:  N/A


Valiant RPG Quick Start Rules

From the secret sanctum of Catalyst Game Labs, comes a new role-playing game based on the popular Valiant comic books universe. So step into your spandex and get ready for some heroic action as you roll dice and take names in a butt kicking fashion!

The Valiant Universe RPG Quick Start Rules are just 28 pages long packed with all you need to get started playing your favorite heroes right away. It is very well laid out and easy to understand and in the format presented you no longer need a game master to lead the whole game. The role of Lean Narrator or LN will rotate between players during the game. Each character has a “Dossier” containing an image of the character and all relevant stats of course. The character stats include the following:

  • Might – strength, endurance, stamina and physical build
  • Intellect – Street smarts, learned science, brilliance
  • Charisma – Presence, conversational skills
  • Action – Combat, ranged, close-quarters, hand-to-hand, vehicle to vehicle
  • Luck – A special number for each character. A static number that represents fate.

Each character obviously has a unique set of powers and uses a power die during the game. Cues are also used to help define a characters personality kind of like “aspects” in a Fate Core RPG. Armor dictates how much has at the time. This could be everything from a bullet-proof jacket to invulnerable skin. Each dossier has a health track to you guessed it, keep track of your characters health status. There is a weapons track as well for each character as most will carry one or two weapons of a type. Finally we come to equipment. Equipment doesn’t have stats but the dossier does have a column to keep track of it all.

What is the Valiant RPG about? The story of course. The Valiant Universe is full of history and interesting relationship interactions. That is a great platform to start an RPG from. It allows people to relive their favorite story lines, enhance them or change them up a bit or even create new ones with their favorite characters. The folks at Catalyst Game Labs have done a fantastic job of capturing the flavor of this universe and allowing players to jump right into the action.

Valiant Universe Quick Start Rules

The Valiant Universe RPG Quick Start Rules comes with a four-part mission included called “Unity” to get the players up and running until they are ready to move on the core game. This is a great facet to the book and certainly makes it more attractive to pick up than many others that come with just one game to play with their entry level game set-up. The guide also comes with four heroes ready for use and immediate game play. They include Harada, Eternal Warrior, Ninjak and Livewire. Catalyst Game Labs also includes 6 NPC’s for use against the heroes.

In the campaign Unity, the Heroes take on Aric of Dacia and his Visigoth warriors whom have returned home to Earth after 1,600 years on a Vine ship and have declared Romania their kingdom. The heroes must now deal with this threat!

I can’t really comment on components other than to say that the PDF of this QSR has amazing artwork as to be expected from the Valiant Universe. It is well laid out, very easy to understand and should get people rolling dice in no time. However due to the limited rules, people very familiar with the heroes from the comic books might feel a slight disconnect between the powers, rules and what they are used to reading. Don’t let this deter you as the core book should be soon and then you will have all the rules at your fingertips.

The theme of this RPG is awesome. Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? The folks at Catalyst Game Labs have done their usual awesome job of creating a well rounded system that captures the theme dramatically and allows for solid game play and the ability to dive into the universe and immerse yourself in the characters.

In conclusion to this review let me say that this is well worth picking up and getting your game on. A superb job by Catalyst Game Labs and Valiant Comics on creating this RPG. I am really looking forward to getting the rest of this game and having my gaming group dive into this universe head first.

Club Fantasci Scoring (Based on scale of 10):

Artwork: 10

Rules Book: 8.5

Re-playability: 10

Component Quality: 8

Club Fantasci Overall Score: 9


I am giving the Valiant Universe RPG Quick Start Rules 9 out 10 stars because it delivers exactly what is supposed to.


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